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Extend your property owners insurance package with legal expenses and rent guarantee from ALPS.

Rent Guarantee for Property Owners

August 2021

What is rent guarantee?

If you are a landlord, tenants failing to pay their rent is always a risk – even if you have years of experience, undertake thorough tenant references and checks, or use a reliable letting agent to act on your behalf.

Rent guarantee, available to landlords letting residential properties, covers your monthly rental income if your tenants do not pay.

What is the difference between loss of rent and rent guarantee?

Loss of rent pays out if you are unable to let your property due to damage covered by your property owners insurance.

If your tenant stops paying their rent, but remains in the property, you are not covered without rent guarantee.

Is rent guarantee for me?

If you rely on the income from renting your property, for example paying your mortgage, rent guarantee gives that extra protection.

Rent guarantee is a worthwhile consideration when letting your property to new tenants. In addition, even the most reliable tenants can experience financial difficulties which can result in arrears.

Auto Legal Protection (ALPS) Landlord Legal Expenses

Daines Kapp Insurance Brokers have a partnership with ALPS, offering a comprehensive Landlord Legal Expenses package which includes rent guarantee.

Rent guarantee is available for 12 months, meaning the policy will pay a maximum of 12 missing payments. It is one policy per tenancy agreement.

The Landlord Legal Expenses package extends to provide cover for breach of tenancy agreement, pursuit of rent arrears, eviction and legal defence. You can also add home emergency cover to complete the package.

Contact Daines Kapp Insurance Brokers

You need to use Daines Kapp Insurance Brokers for your property owners insurance or have existing rent guarantee cover to access rent guarantee with ALPS.

Talk to us about adding rent guarantee to your existing property owners package by emailing or calling 01920 484844.