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Stock Throughput policy offers a seamless policy which eliminates any gaps in cover.

Marine Cargo and Stock Throughput Insurance

June 2021

Stock Throughput Insurance

Stock Throughput policies combine storage risks (such as within a warehouse) and marine/transit risk (whether by road, rail or sea), therefore providing cover for goods from the source of production to their final destination, including whilst held by subcontractors. Rather than purchasing several policies with different premiums, excesses and Insurers, Stock Throughput policies offers a seamless coverage solution which eliminates any gaps in cover.

Benefits include there being only one Insurer in the event of a claim, lower premium spending as only one policy is needed, generally lower excesses in the marine market and reduced administration. Coverage also tends to be broader when compared to standard material damage policies. The policy can be customised so your property can be valued at selling price, replacement cost or replacement cost plus.

Buyers and Sellers Interest

An important extension to Marine Cargo and Stock Throughput Insurance policies is Buyers and Sellers Interest which provides contingent cover for goods delivered to a Client however they have no responsibility to insure but may have a financial interest in the goods. Another example would be where a client may have taken delivery but goods were sub-standard and are awaiting return to supplier.