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We may be able to negotiate the removal of ‘road risks’ cover with your Insurers.

Covid-19 & The Effects On Your Fleet

April 2020

If the effects of Covid-19 have led to you taking vehicle(s) off the road, we may be able to negotiate the removal of ‘road risks’ cover with your Insurers, restricting the cover to either Fire & Theft only or Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage only. The level of refund in premium will depend on which restricted cover option you would prefer and each Insurers underwriting criteria.

Any such vehicle(s) must not be used or kept on the public highway and you will have to make a ‘Statutory Off Road Notification’ (SORN) to the DVLA which can be done on-line and this automatically generates a refund for any full months of remaining Road Tax on these vehicle(s). However we should stress these vehicle(s) must be re-taxed and have the ‘road risks’ cover reinstated prior to being allowed to be used or kept the public highway.

More information can be found at You will need the 11-digit number from each relevant vehicle(s) V5C log book to make the SORN declaration to the DVLA.

We will need a copy of the DVLA SORN Certificate/e-mail together with the following information for each vehicle:

  • Address of where the vehicle(s) are being kept
  • Information on the location (garaged or yard/compound etc)
  • Security details (gated/cctv etc)
  • Value
  • Mileage

Please note that whilst this list covers the pertinent points each Insurers requirements do vary, so they could be more onerous and/or require additional information/documentation.

Stay safe and keep well.