Non-Negligent Liability Insurance

Non-Negligent Liability Insurance: Three construction workers on a construcion site.

You may be asked to arrange this type of insurance for new builds, extensions, renovations, conversions, refurbishments and so on.

Non-Negligent Liability protects your business against the loss or damage of adjacent or close by property when you have not been negligent in your actions. This includes collapse, subsidence, heave, vibration, weakening or removal of support, and lowering of ground water.

A standard Public Liability Insurance policy will only indemnify the insured party, usually the Contractor, against damage to third-party property or persons which has resulted from their negligence. But if the activities damage a neighbouring property and the Contractor was not negligent, a Non-Negligent Liability policy will ensure financial protection for the property owner.

At Daines Kapp, we can advise on the level of Liability cover you need to have in place, gaining a full understanding of your requirements.